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6 steps to your personalized outfit

1. Design your outfit with our innovative 3d design tool

At ODLOCUSTOM you can design your personalized outfit by yourself in just a few steps. Use the help of our 3D configurator. You decide which colors, patterns and inscriptions best suit your team. The scope for design is limitless. Be your own designer. After you have completed your design, you will receive an email with a link with your design in 3D real time, and a code number.

2. Choose the products 

Please visit to view all available products where we can apply your design. To place an order, kindly send us an email with the desired items, quantities, and the code number of your design. We will then provide you with an offer.

3. Place your order

Once the design and order are finalized, and you accept the offer, we will commence production, and you will receive an order confirmation.

4. Design validation

After a few days, we will send you a fabric printout in the original size, on which you can review the design, colors, logo positions, and sizes. Any desired changes can be made at this stage.

5. Order summary

If you are satisfied with the test print, we will proceed to create a production layout with all the items you have ordered. Once you give permission to proceed with printing, your personal outfits, made in Europe, will go into production. You will receive a general delivery date, as we typically require 6 weeks for production from this point onwards.

6. Payment confirmation and shipping

As soon as the items are ready for dispatch, we will contact you by e-mail or telephone to arrange the definitive delivery date with you. Payment is also due at this point.

Errors and misprints excepted.
As of May 2022

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